How to Become a Successful Model in Nigeria (Important Steps)

If you have a passion for fashion and modeling, you'll be interested to know that the fashion industry global revenue was estimated between $1.7trillion and $2.5 trillion  before the COVID-19, according to two different research reports by Euromonitor and Mckinsey. You can read more about the stats at Fashion United. While the industry continues to grow, the modeling sector plays a significant role in contributing to this growth. It's even more exciting to know that aspiring models in Nigeria have a great opportunity as the country's modeling industry is rapidly expanding. However, it's important to acknowledge that becoming a successful model requires more than just attractiveness and a pleasant personality. To assist you in pursuing your dream of becoming a model in Nigeria, we have created a comprehensive guide. This guide covers various types of modeling, essential skills and qualities you need, and the crucial steps to get you started. So, let's dive right in and help you embark on your journey towards becoming a model in Nigeria.

What does it mean to be a model?

how to become a model in Nigeria

The fashion and entertainment industry relies heavily on models to showcase clothing, accessories, and products through various media channels such as magazines, runways, television, and online platforms. Models are selected based on their appearance, physique, and ability to embody a specific image or style that aligns with the brand or designer they represent. Their role is crucial in promoting fashion trends, influencing consumer behavior, and creating visual narratives for advertising campaigns. Models can specialize in different areas such as fashion, commercial, fitness, or glamour modeling, depending on their unique attributes and the industry's demands.

To become a successful model, one must focus on building a strong portfolio, collaborating with modeling agencies, attending auditions and castings, and continuously networking to secure new opportunities. While modeling can be glamorous and rewarding, it is also a highly competitive and demanding profession that requires discipline, resilience, and adaptability to thrive in an ever-changing industry. Additionally, models must prioritize maintaining their physical appearance, adhering to strict beauty and fitness regimens, and being prepared to travel extensively for assignments, especially if they aspire to work on an international level.

Types of Models

There are several categories of models, each specializing in specific areas of the fashion and entertainment industry. Here are some commonly recognized types of models and their respective roles:

1. Fashion Models:

Fashion models primarily work in high-end fashion, showcasing clothing, accessories, and beauty products on runways and in fashion photoshoots. They are known for their tall and slender physique and often work with renowned fashion designers, luxury brands, and fashion publications. Fashion models are prominent figures in the world of haute couture and designer fashion.

2. Commercial Models:

 Commercial models have a relatable appeal to the general public and are commonly seen in advertisements and campaigns for everyday products and services. They can be found in print ads, television commercials, billboards, and online promotions. Commercial models represent a diverse range of ages, body types, and ethnic backgrounds.

3. Fitness Models:

 Fitness models possess a well-toned and athletic physique. They promote fitness products, sportswear, and health-related brands through photoshoots, social media platforms, and fitness publications. Fitness models often collaborate with nutrition and fitness companies and may even participate in fitness competitions.

4. Glamour Models:

Glamour models focus on sensuality and beauty in their work. They appear in men's magazines and adult publications. Additionally, glamour models may also engage in artistic and tasteful nude photography.

5. Editorial Models:

Editorial models feature in editorial spreads for magazines and other publications. They serve as a combination of fashion and storytelling, often conveying a specific theme or narrative through their poses and expressions.

6. Plus-Size Models:

Plus-size models promote clothing lines specifically designed for larger body types. They aim to challenge the industry's traditional beauty standards and promote body positivity.

7. Petite Models:

Petite models are shorter in stature and primarily work in the fashion industry. They represent clothing lines designed for petite individuals or feature in publications that cater to a petite-focused audience.

8. Runway models:

Runaway models, also referred to as catwalk models, showcase the latest fashion designs on the runway during fashion shows. They possess a confident and graceful walk, as well as the ability to effectively present garments.

9. Fit models:

Fit models, on the other hand, work behind the scenes and provide valuable feedback to fashion designers and clothing manufacturers throughout the design and development process. Their role is crucial in ensuring that clothing fits well on real bodies before it goes into mass production.

10. Parts models:

Parts models specialize in specific body parts, such as hands, feet, or legs. They often feature in close-up shots for beauty and product advertisements, highlighting the unique qualities of those body parts.

11. Promotional models:

Promotional models, also known as brand ambassadors or event models, represent various brands at trade shows, events, and promotional campaigns. Their main objective is to engage with the public, distribute samples, and create a positive brand experience.

Social media influencers utilize their online presence and large followings to collaborate with brands and promote products through various social media platforms.

Steps to Pursuing a Modeling Career in Nigeria

How to Become a Model in Nigeria

       1.      Conduct thorough research:

To embark on a modeling career in Nigeria, it is essential to begin by conducting extensive research on the industry and the market. This involves familiarizing yourself with the various types of modeling and understanding the requirements for success.

By doing so, you will gain valuable insights into the fashion industry and be able to identify reputable agencies. Additionally, staying updated on the latest trends and competition will further enhance your preparedness for success in the industry.

      2. Create an impressive portfolio and resume:

Developing a strong portfolio and resume is of utmost importance when aspiring to become a model in Nigeria. Collaborating with skilled photographers and stylists will enable you to create high-quality photos that showcase your versatility. Simultaneously, crafting a resume that effectively highlights your skills, experience, and achievements is crucial.

A compelling portfolio and resume have the potential to captivate agencies and clients, opening doors to new opportunities. Therefore, it is vital to recognize the significance of a well-crafted portfolio and resume within the modeling industry.

    3. Get Signed by an Agency:

Collaborating with a reputable agency can greatly contribute to the growth of your career, providing increased exposure and access to remarkable opportunities.

However, the question arises: how does one find the ideal agency? Once again, thorough research is key. Seek out reputable agencies that align with your goals and values, ensuring a wise and informed decision. Later in this article, we will provide a list of legitimate model agencies in Nigeria.

  4. Familiarize Yourself with Your Statistics:

Understanding your statistics as a model should be as effortless as knowing the length of a standard ruler, which is 30cm. Alternatively, let's compare it to knowing your age. As a male or female model, it is crucial to be aware of your height, weight, chest size, waist size, hair color, eye color, dress size, shoe size, and more. These are the initial inquiries that any model scout, modeling agency, or potential client will ask. Not knowing them can hinder your chances of making a positive impression. Just as you know your age, it is equally important to keep track of your statistics as they serve as essential tools in the modeling industry.

Once you have a good grasp of your statistics as a model, it is essential to determine which type of modeling suits you best and what the minimum requirements are.

5. Understand the Various Types of Modeling in Nigeria:

As an aspiring model, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on the different types of modeling common in Nigeria. Familiarize yourself with the minimum requirements for each modeling category and identify which one aligns with your attributes.

For instance, if you possess a striking facial structure but fall short in height, standing at 5ft 6in, you may want to consider commercial, glamour, or petite modeling, as these categories do not have strict height requirements like runway modeling. If you feel uncomfortable showcasing swimwear in public, it would be wise to stay away from lingerie modeling. I hope this clarifies the point.

Once you have acquainted yourself with the common types of modeling and their respective requirements, the next step is to narrow down your options to those that genuinely interest you and where you are a suitable fit.

6. Participate in castings and go-sees:

Participating in castings and go-sees is essential if you aspire to become a model in Nigeria! Without a doubt, these events provide incredible opportunities to showcase your talents, distinctive appearance, and personality to potential clients and agencies.

Therefore, it is crucial to make an effort to attend as many of these events as possible and leave a lasting positive impression. Remember, first impressions hold significant importance in the modeling industry.

7. Be Ready for Disappointments and Rejections:

It is important to acknowledge that disappointments and rejections are a common part of life for everyone. In order to succeed as a model, it is crucial to accept that you may face disappointment and rejection at any given time, even when you least expect it. Understanding this reality allows you to be prepared and ready for future challenges and opportunities.

For instance, you may secure a highly coveted modeling job only to be informed at the last minute that it has been canceled for various reasons. Alternatively, you may possess exceptional talent, professionalism, and potential during a model casting with an agency, yet still not receive the contract you rightfully deserve. These occurrences are typical within the modeling industry, and models must always be prepared for the disappointments and rejections that precede the golden opportunities.

To thrive as a model, it is essential to develop a resilient mindset when faced with negative, constructive, or destructive feedback. Instead of reacting impulsively to being turned down or disappointed, it is crucial to remain composed and maintain a professional demeanor. This approach can make all the difference between you and another model. It is beneficial to ask insightful questions and seek feedback regarding why you were not selected for a job or why you did not receive the contract you had prepared for and undoubtedly deserved. Feedback will enable you to improve as a model and perform even better when the next opportunity arises.

8. Uphold Your Principles and Maintain Professionalism:

In the modeling industry, it is crucial to not abandon your morality. It is imperative to cling onto your values and conduct yourself in a professional manner, as this will greatly contribute to your success in the modeling industry. Within this industry, you will encounter individuals of various backgrounds, some possessing good morals while others may lack professionalism and respect. It is essential to remain aware of this reality.

Modeling should not be viewed as a make-or-break pursuit, nor should it be seen as an effortless path to fame and fortune. Therefore, it is vital that you do not compromise your values or sacrifice your true self in order to become a model. It is worth mentioning that reputable modeling agencies, model scouts, or agents will always honor your values and refrain from pressuring you into any activities that you are unwilling or unhappy to engage in. Selecting the right modeling agency is a crucial step towards realizing your aspirations of becoming a supermodel.

9. Connect with other professionals in the field:

Becoming a model in Nigeria is not a solitary journey. It is crucial to establish connections with other professionals in the industry. This involves building relationships with photographers, stylists, and makeup artists.

Working alongside these professionals can be advantageous as it allows you to create captivating photos for your portfolio and gain more exposure. Consequently, this increases your chances of encountering new opportunities and achieving greater success.

10. Enhance your skills and refine your craft:

To become a successful model in Nigeria, it is important to continuously strive to enhance your skills and refine your craft. This entails dedicating time to practice your posing, walking, and facial expressions.

Additionally, taking the opportunity to enroll in classes can help you develop your skills further and acquire new techniques. By consistently enhancing your skills, you significantly increase your chances of standing out in a competitive industry and accomplishing your modeling aspirations.

11. Stay informed about industry trends:

The Nigerian modeling industry is ever-evolving. Therefore, it is essential to stay informed about the latest industry trends and opportunities if you aspire to become a model in Nigeria.

To achieve this, it is crucial to keep track of fashion shows, events, and publications to stay updated on emerging designers and new styles. By staying current with the trends, you position yourself to adapt and thrive in this dynamic industry.

Always bear in mind that being a model entails being a role model for others. It is imperative that you consistently live up to this expectation.

12. Increase Your Social Media Following:

Utilizing social media platforms can significantly enhance your chances of getting noticed by a modeling agency or attracting potential clients online. It is crucial to maintain a clear distinction between your personal and professional social media accounts if they do not align harmoniously. However, if your personal social media page already exhibits a professional demeanor, it may not be necessary to create a separate page exclusively for modeling purposes.

To expand your social media following and cultivate a dedicated fan base, consistently share captivating content such as photos, videos, quotes, and graphics that highlight your skills, portfolio, and lifestyle. Engaging with your followers by seeking their opinions, feedback, and initiating general discussions will foster a stronger connection

13. Prioritize a Healthy Lifestyle and Self-Care:

It is evident that indulging in late-night meals like Akpu before bedtime will not grant you a good physique or a flat belly. To thrive as a successful model, it is necessary to prioritize a healthy diet, maintain physical fitness, and always present yourself in a well-groomed manner.

To become a sought-after model, possessing a positive attitude, discipline, a healthy appearance, well-maintained teeth and gums, a captivating smile, well-kept hair, and attractive legs are essential. Ensuring that you take care of yourself will ensure that you are always prepared to grace the runway or participate in a photoshoot whenever the need arises.

14. Embrace Patience for Desired Results:

As previously mentioned, the modeling industry is filled with disappointments and rejections, affecting various individuals such as clients, modeling agencies, event organizers, makeup artists, photographers, videographers, stylists, fashion designers, producers, directors, assistants, and many others. Consequently, it is crucial to cultivate patience, whether you are awaiting your first modeling assignment from your agency or anticipating feedback from a potential client after an audition.

Patience is an indispensable virtue in the modeling industry as it opens doors to more opportunities, particularly when coupled with diligence, reliability, and thoughtfulness.

Top 5 Legitimate Modelling Agencies in Nigeria

Here are the top 5 legitimate modelling agencies in Nigeria that we have discovered:

1.      DXC Model Academy:

Located in Lagos, DXC Model Academy is renowned for its ability to transform aspiring models into confident professionals. They go beyond catwalk training and also provide valuable lessons in self-discipline and interpersonal skills. With excellent reviews, DXC is considered one of the top modelling agencies in Nigeria, helping aspiring models reach their full potential and build successful careers.

2.      Y-RAY Models:

Y-RAY Models is a legitimate Nigerian modelling agency that manages various projects, including commercials, fashion shows, product launches, and movie extras. Their aim is to create role models and elevate the modelling industry in Nigeria and abroad by representing supermodels.

3.      G + C Entertainment:

G+C Entertainment is recognized as one of Nigeria's most legitimate modelling agencies, with a physical office in Lagos. They offer genuine commercial briefs, runway jobs, and photo shoots to help aspiring models build their portfolios.

4.      Box Models Agency:

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, the Box Models Agency is a legitimate modelling agency that boasts a team of beautiful and professional models. They are known for delivering well-organized fashion shoots and providing training for upcoming models. Their exceptional customer service and attention to detail have earned them a reputation as one of the best modelling agencies in the country.

5.      New Fame Models:

New Fame Modeling Agency is a dedicated and professional team committed to training, scouting, developing, and placing stunning models. They are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and offer talent management and digital marketing services through their subsidiary, New Fame Influence.


In order to become a model in Nigeria, it is essential to possess qualities such as hard work, dedication, and persistence. However, with the correct mindset, training, and connections, it is possible to thrive in the modeling industry.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to remain authentic and true to oneself throughout the journey. Confidence in one's abilities and a continuous drive for self-improvement are key factors to keep in mind. Whether aspiring to be a runway, fitness, editorial, or any other type of model, this article can serve as a valuable guide towards achieving success.


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