Nigeria Navy Training Allowances (Updated List!)

 In this article, you will learn about the Nigeria Navy Training Allowances. As an important part of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, the Nigerian Navy assumes a critical role in safeguarding the nation's maritime boundaries. Notably, it is the highest paid force in Nigeria for the year 2024.

The Nigerian Navy consistently seeks qualified individuals, extending opportunities through SSCE recruitment, graduate programs, and the Nigerian Defence Academy. Upon successfully entering the Nigerian Navy via any of these avenues, individuals become eligible for a training allowance disbursed by the Navy. This allowance is categorized, with those admitted through the Nigerian Defence Academy receiving higher compensation compared to recruits.

To explain further, individuals entering the Navy via the Nigerian Defence Academy undergo a comprehensive 5-year training period before attaining full-fledged membership in the Nigerian Navy. On the other hand, graduates joining the Nigerian Navy undergo a comparatively shorter training duration of 9 months before being commissioned into the Navy. This distinction in training periods corresponds to differences in the training allowances allocated to these respective categories.

Duration of Training 

Nigeria Navy Training Allowances : Nigeria Navy Salary Structure

Recruits undergo a six-month training period, during which they are eligible for the Training Allowance. While the Nigerian Navy recruits, also referred to as Trainees, enter the service with an SSCE certificate, similar to those from the Nigerian Defence Academy, there exists a distinction. Those who successfully navigate the Nigerian Defence Academy route tend to hold a superior status compared to their counterparts who solely complete the Nigerian Navy Basic military training. Now, we shall be reveal Nigerian Navy Training Allowance.

Nigerian Navy Training Allowance 

How much is the allowance of a trainee in the Nigerian Navy? The allowance for officers undergoing training at the Nigerian Navy Basic Training School is influenced by their rank and tenure.

A trainee officer in the Nigerian Navy can expect a basic salary ranging from ₦30,000 to ₦50,000 per month. However, the actual allowance is based on various factors, including the officer's rank, length of service, and additional allowances.

Beyond the basic salary, trainee officers in the Nigerian Navy receive various allowances such as accommodation, transport, medical, and uniform allowances. Consequently, the overall payment to trainee officers is subject to fluctuations based on these contributing factors.

Requirements For Nigerian Navy Recruitment Training

Candidates who have successfully qualified for Nigerian Navy recruitment training are required to present the following documents, both in original and copy formats:

1. Callup letter or Resume letter: 

A document indicating the candidate's callup details or a letter from the current employer outlining employment history, with approval from the head of the community or a senior officer as specified.

2. Application Process Completion: 

All recruits must have successfully completed the application process before reporting to any training camp location nationwide.

3. Credentials:

 Original and photocopies of academic and professional credentials.

4. BVN Printout:

 A printout of the Bank Verification Number (BVN).

5. Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age:

 Document confirming the candidate's date of birth.

6. Certificate of Origin:

 Proof of the candidate's origin.

7. Duly Filled Guarantor Form: 

A form completed by a guarantor supporting the candidate's credibility.

8. Footwear:

   - One pair of white canvas.

   - One pair of national dress.

   - One pair of brown canvas.

   - One pair of black shoes.

9. Clothing:

   - Two pairs of black trousers.

   - Two Navy blue PT shorts.

   - Two white round-neck vests.

   - Two white long-sleeve shirts.

   - Two black ties.

   - Three pairs of white socks.

It is essential for candidates to ensure they have these documents and items as specified for a smooth and successful participation in the Nigerian Navy recruitment training.


Though the trainee salary may not be exceptionally high, the rewards of contributing to your nation and being part of an esteemed profession surpass the financial considerations.


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