Top 10 Richest Local Government Areas in Nigeria 2024 (UPDATED LIST!)

Nigeria comprises 774 local government areas, each of which possesses natural resources that play a significant role in the country's economy. 

However, it is important to acknowledge that not all local governments are equal in terms of economic and financial strength. Just like the saying goes, "All fingers are not equal," some local governments may excel in certain sectors while others may struggle but thrive in different areas.

Richest Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Nigeria in 2024

Top 10 Richest Local Government Areas in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are certain local governments that play a significant role in contributing to the country's revenue. These local governments also prioritize the development of robust infrastructure, quality healthcare and education, and various amenities. In this article, I will focus on the top 10 wealthiest LGAs in Nigeria.

If you're interested in discovering the top 10 richest LGAs in Nigeria, continue reading.

1. Lagos Island Local Government Area:

Lagos Island, also known as Isale Eko, is the wealthiest LGA in Nigeria, with a population of over 200,000. The western part of Lagos Island is occupied by the Lagos Island LGA, while the eastern part is referred to as Lagos Island East LCDA.

Before Ikeja became the capital in 1957, Lagos Island served as the capital of Lagos State. Despite the change, Lagos Island remains the most richest and influential LGA in Lagos.

This LGA is home to several prestigious institutions, including the headquarters of major Nigerian banks such as UBA, WEMA, and the Central Bank of Nigeria. Additionally, the well-known Balogun and Idumota markets, located to the east of Lagos Island, contribute to the internal revenue of the LGA.

Despite facing challenges such as inadequate housing infrastructure and heavy traffic, Lagos Island boasts of numerous significant achievements. Some of these achievements include the Nigerian Ports Authority headquarters, Bookshop House, the Cathedral Church of Christ, the Bank of Industry, and the Tom Jones Memorial Hall and Library.

2. Ikeja Local Government Area: 

Ikeja Local Government Area, situated in Lagos state, is recognized as one of the most richest local government areas in the country. This particular LGA has experienced remarkable growth, boasting a meticulously planned cityscape that encompasses both commercial and industrial sectors, as well as a well-designed transportation system that facilitates easy movement within its neighborhoods.

The natural resources found within the LGA include natural gas, coal, timber, and water, further contributing to its economic potential. Notable areas within Ikeja LGA include Oregun, Opebi, Ogba, Akiode, Alausa, Magodo, Maryland, Agidingbi, and Computer Village.

Computer Village, known as the largest market for computer accessories and often referred to as Otigba, houses over 3000 stores. This bustling hub plays a vital role in the economic stability of the Ikeja local government area, generating substantial revenue for its development.

Additionally, the presence of Murtala Muhammed Airport, an international airport, within the Ikeja LGA further enhances its significance. The Lagos State Government House, Alausa, and the popular Ikeja City Mall, commonly known as Shoprite, are also locatEd in this Local Government Area.

3. Abuja Municipal Local Government Area:

Abuja Municipal Local Government Area holds immense significance in Nigeria as it houses the official residences of the National Assembly and the President. It is also home to prominent international organizations such as OPEC and ECOWAS.

The skyline of Abuja Municipal is beautified with towering structures, well-built homes, and popular five-star hotels like Abuja Sheraton and NICON Hilton, showcasing the remarkable level of development in this region.

4. Eti-Osa Local Government Area:

Eti-Osa, a renowned local government area in Lagos State, Nigeria, comprises several council areas, including Ikoyi-Obalande, Eti-Osa East, and Iru Victoria Island. There are speculations that Nigeria's wealthiest individuals, namely Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga, and Folorunso Alakija, reside in close proximity.

With a population of approximately 283,791 people, Eti-Osa benefits from its strategic location near some of the state's most developed neighborhoods, such as Ikoyi, Lekki, and Victoria Island. This region serves as a hub for businesses with significant local and global influence.

5. Lekki Ibeju Local Government Area:

Located in Lagos State, Ibeju Lekki is known for its vast expanses of fields, picturesque parks, and thriving industrial housing developments.

Lekki Ibeju is poised to become a thriving business zone due to the ongoing development of the Lekki commercial free trade zone and the construction of a 12 MW independent power plant by the China-Africa Lekki investment firm. Furthermore, the construction of the Dangote oil refinery will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and progress of this local government.

6. Uyo Local Government Area:

Uyo, the capital of Akwa-Ibom, one of Nigeria's most prosperous states, boasts abundant natural resources. The region have very good infrastructure like well-developed road networks, bridges, schools, and captivating tourist attractions that contribute to the local economy.

Notably, the well known "Godswill Akpabio Stadium" stands proudly in Uyo, attracting foreigners, tourists, and investors to the local government area.

7. Calabar Municipality:

The Calabar Municipality, serving as the capital of Cross Rivers State, is home to over 179,000 residents. This vibrant city is surrounded by captivating tourist destinations, including the Calabar Tinapa resort and the Obudu cattle ranch, among others.

8. Bonny Island:

Located in Rivers State, Bonny Island is an attractive local government area known for its exceptional infrastructure. The region boasts of paved roads and a reliable water supply, ensuring the convenience and comfort of its residents.

Bonny Island is also home to Nigeria's liquefied natural gas (NLNG) facility, which provides the city with an uninterrupted energy supply. Accessible by boat or ferry, the island offers a unique experience.

9. Obio-Akpor Local Government Area:

Situated in River State, Obio Akpor Local Government Area is one of the most wealthy Local Government Areas in Nigeria.  This LGA has abundant natural resources. The region, known for its oil and gas reserves, holds a prominent position in the Niger Delta and serves as a vital economic hub for the nation.

In addition to its economic significance, Obio Akpor is known for agricultural activities, with farming playing a crucial role in the lives of its people.

10. Ibadan Northwest Local Government Area: 

Known for its historical significance, cultural heritage, and agricultural wealth, Ibadan Northwest Local Government Area in Oyo State stands as a prominent region. Notably, it is home to the prestigious University of Ibadan, the first tertiary institution in Nigeria. Moreover, this LGA is blessed with abundant natural resources such as limestone, clay, and kaolin, fostering the growth of mining and manufacturing industries.


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