How Much is Nigerian Army Training Allowance 2024 And Duration

 Nations such as Nigeria demand a robust and resilient military force to address security challenges. The Nigerian Army, considered affluent, rewards its officers and high-ranking personnel with substantial financial incentives in the form of thousands of nairas.

In accordance with the Nigerian Constitution, trainee workers in any institution, whether military or civil, are entitled to a set of allowances. These allowances are contingent upon their performance, rank, and contributions to the organization.

Nigerian Army Training Allowance

How Much is Nigerian Army Training Allowance 2024 And Duration

The Nigerian Army training allowance closely mirrors the Nigeria Navy Training Allowance. This similarity extends to the Nigerian Air Force, as many aspects of their operations exhibit a resemblance.

Functioning as one of the most important military force, the Nigerian Army is tasked with safeguarding the nation's territory on land. It stands out as one of Africa's most formidable armies, recognized globally for its prowess in ground combat.

Turning our attention to the Nigeria Army Training Allowance, it is structured into four distinct groups, in contrast to the Nigeria Navy's three groups. These groups include the Nigerian Defence Academy, Nigerian Army Recruits, Nigerian Army Short Service, and Nigerian Army Direct Short Service.

Having identified the recruitment categories within the Nigerian Army that receive training allowances, let's delve into the specific amounts allocated for their training allowances.

Reports indicate a specified allowance for recently enlisted soldiers, categorized into four distinct types under the training framework. The Department of Defense outlines that these allowances aim to aid soldiers in managing expenses and serve as motivation for their commitment to the institution.

1. Nigerian Army DSSC Training Allowance:

 The Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Commission entails a 9-month program for newcomers. Emphasizing assessments and physical training, candidates are evaluated for mental soundness and physical resilience. During the DSSC training, newcomers receive allowances ranging from N15,000 to N25,000.

2. Nigeria Army Training Allowance in NDA:

Targeted at experienced trainees aspiring to become future officers, the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) training is notably more demanding mentally and physically. Given the rigorous nature, only a few soldiers successfully complete this training. Those undergoing NDA training receive allowances ranging from N25,000 to N50,000.

3. Nigeria Army Training Allowance for SSC Cadets:

 Tailored for 18 to 22-year-old army trainees, the Short Service Commission (SSC) Cadet training focuses on self-defense strategies and collaboration with fellow soldiers. Compared to NDA training, SSC Cadet training is simpler, and trainees receive allowances ranging from N15,000 to N25,000.

4. Training Allowances for New Recruits:

Becoming an army soldier is a rigorous process, with only a select few chosen from the multitude of candidates who apply each year. The Nigerian army maintains a strict acceptance criteria, evaluating factors like height, physical fitness, and mandatory psychological tests. If an applicant successfully navigates the interview and passes these tests, they are permitted to undergo training, during which they receive allowances ranging from N9,000 to N12,000.

Additional Amenities

Trainees in the defense forces not only benefit from these allowances but also enjoy fundamental amenities, including accommodation, food, and transportation. Soldiers are provided with well-maintained, furnished, and comfortable bedrooms. Additionally, they receive high-nutrition meals and access to top-notch transportation facilities for seamless travel between locations.

VIDEO:  Nigerian Army Recruits on Training 


The Nigerian Army stands as a formidable defense and security institution in Nigeria, showcasing its prowess through engagements with terrorist groups, triumphs over rival nations, and the steadfast preservation of national sovereignty. These accomplishments underscore the special emphasis placed by Nigerian authorities on the training of new recruits. The aforementioned details encompass the allowances and facilities extended to trainees of the Nigerian army.


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