How to Join the Nigerian Army as a Graduate

The Nigerian Army offers numerous opportunities for graduates across the nation, providing a wide range of possibilities for individuals with both university degrees and diplomas from polytechnics to pursue their aspirations within the military ranks.

The Nigerian army is often considered the most respected military forces in Nigeria. Its members command substantial respect from both fellow armed forces and the general public, owing to rigorous training that sets them apart from other military entities.

Beyond the conventional infantry brigade roles, the Army presents diverse career paths, including opportunities as lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, public relations officers, and various other professions. If you're a graduate aspiring to join the Nigerian Army, here's the essential information you need.

How to Join the Nigerian Army as a Graduate

How to Join the Nigerian Army as a Graduate: Requirements to join the Nigerian army as a graduate

Embarking on a journey to join the Nigerian Army as a graduate presents two distinct ways:

1. Nigeria Defence Academic Program:

  This pathway involves participation in the Nigeria Defence Academic program.

2. Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC):

  Aspiring graduates can opt for the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Commission, a six-month program designed by the Nigerian Army to welcome capable individuals who have completed their education in higher institutions, be it a university or polytechnic.

To join the Nigerian Army as a graduate, one can apply through the DSSC. The application forms for this commission are released annually, providing an opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a part of the Nigerian Army.

Prerequisites for Joining the Nigerian Army as a Graduate

1. Citizenship:

 Applicants must be Nigerian citizens as defined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, as amended.

2. Age Requirements:

  Male or female applicants must fall within the age range of 22 to 35 years.

3. Health and Fitness:

 All applicants must undergo confirmation of mental, medical, and physical fitness by the Nigerian Army, adhering to their established standards.

4. Character Attestation:

 Applicants need recommendations from at least two referees, who should be either a Local Government Chairman/Secretary, an officer of the Armed Forces not below the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel, or an Assistant Commissioner of Police and above, hailing from the applicant’s state of origin. Passport photographs of referees must accompany the attestation letter.

5. Legal Standing:

  Applicants must not have any court convictions. Military personnel should be without disciplinary cases, confirmed by the Commanding Officer/Commander.

6. Educational Qualifications:

A minimum of a first degree with not less than Second Class Lower Division or HND with not less than Lower Credit is required in arts, sciences, or humanities from an accredited university or polytechnic. The courses of study should be accredited during the study period.

7. Height Requirement:

  Male applicants must measure at least 1.68m, while females must measure at least 1.65m.

8. Birth Certificate:

  A valid birth certificate signed by the National Population Commission, Hospital, or Local Government Council, or a valid age declaration from the court of law is mandatory.

9. State of Origin:

 Applicants must possess a valid certificate of state of origin.

10. NYSC Certificate:

 Non-serving members must present their NYSC certificate or a valid certificate of exemption.

11. Contact Information:

 Valid contact addresses and phone numbers of parents/guardians and next of kin must be provided.

12. Body Inscriptions/Tattoos:

 Applicants should not have any body inscriptions or tattoos.

13. Educational Certificates:

   Original copies of educational certificates from primary to secondary school are required.

14. Military Personnel Requirements:

  Service personnel must present a valid military ID card, a letter of recommendation from their Commanding Officers/Commanders, and letters of official sponsorship for tertiary academic institutions. They must have served for a minimum of 5 years in the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

15. Cult/Society/Fraternity Membership:

  Candidates must not be members of any cult, secret society, or fraternity.

How the Nigerian Army Recruitment Process Works

As mentioned earlier, the application portal opens annually at All pertinent application details and requirements are outlined on the website. Adhere to the provided guidelines for a successful application.

What Comes Next?

1. Aptitude Test Exams:

 Subsequent to the application, applicants receive invitations to undergo aptitude test exams.

2. Screening Process:

  Successful candidates proceed to the screening phase, which encompasses physical, mental, and health evaluations.

3. Enlistment:

Finally, candidates who successfully navigate the screening process are enlisted for recruitment.

Armed with this information, simply follow these steps to become a part of the Nigerian army.


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