NYSC: List of States that Pays Allowance to Corpers

NYSC allowance, is a financial support granted by the Federal Government to cover basic living expenses during the one-year mandatory National Service.

This support aids graduates as they engage in community development, gain work experience, and contribute to national unity. While the federal government's NYSC Allowance is currently N33,000, individual state governments also provide varying amounts as state allowances to NYSC members in different regions. 

It is important to know these state-specific allowances, as the amount each state pays differs. 

The allowance is a significant factor, as serving in a state with no pay can be disheartening when peers in other states receive allowances for similar work. Now, let's delve into the details of Corpers' allowances across all states in Nigeria.

NYSC: List of States that Pays Allowance to Corpers

NYSC Allowances for all States in Nigeria 

Abia State | N5,000:

Abia State, located in the southeastern part of Nigeria, boasts a cultural landscape dominated by the Igbo ethnic group, predominantly Christians. Corp members seeking service in this region are drawn to Abia State, where the state's monthly allowance for deployed corp members stands at N5,000.

Bayelsa State | N3,000:

Moving to the south-south geopolitical zone, Bayelsa State, with Yenagoa as its capital, holds a significant position in the Niger Delta, renowned as the country's primary oil-producing zone, contributing over 80% to the national oil production. Bayelsa State, an oil producer itself, offers corp members a monthly allowance of N3,000, disbursed at the conclusion of the NYSC service year.

Cross Rivers | N3,000:

Cross Rivers, akin to Bayelsa, is part of the Niger Delta states. However, it doesn't officially classify as an oil-producing state. Despite this distinction, Cross Rivers provides a monthly allowance of N3,000 to its youth corp members.

Delta State | N5,000:

Delta State, also situated in the Niger Delta Region and recognized as an oil producing state, extends a monthly allowance of N5,000 to corp members serving within its borders.

Ekiti State | N5,000:

In the southwestern Yoruba highland, Ekiti State stands out, dominated predominantly by the Yoruba ethnic group. Renowned for producing the highest number of professors in Nigeria, Ekiti State ensures its corp members receive a monthly allowance of N5,000.

Jigawa State | N5,000:

Situated in northwestern Nigeria, Jigawa State is characterized by the dominance of the Hausa-Fulani ethnic groups, primarily Muslims. Corp members in Jigawa State receive a monthly stipend of N5,000.

Kaduna State | N3,000:

Located in the northwestern region, Kaduna State stands out as one of Nigeria's most heterogeneous states in terms of ethnicity. Acknowledged as a center of learning, hosting renowned educational institutions, Kaduna State provides its corpers with a monthly allowance of N3,000.

Kano State | N4,000:

Known as the center of commerce, Kano State is a preferred choice for corpers seeking opportunities in the North. Regarded as one of the best northern states for youth service, Kano State offers a monthly stipend of N4,000 to its corp members.

Lagos State | N5,000:

Positioned in the southwestern region, Lagos State boasts the largest economy in Nigeria and ranks 4th in Africa. Recognized for housing some of the country's wealthiest individuals, Lagos State compensates its corpers with a monthly allowance of N5,000.

Ogun State | N5,000:

Situated in the southwestern region, Ogun State claims the title of the most industrial state in the country. Corp members posted here receive a monthly stipend of N5,000.

Osun State | N5,000:

Another Yoruba state, Osun State grants its corpers a monthly allowance of N5,000.

Oyo State | N3,800:

Ranked as one of the most populated states in southwestern Nigeria, Oyo State holds significance in Yoruba history. Corp members serving in Oyo State receive a monthly allowance of N3,800.

Sokoto State | N4,000:

Despite being one of the far northern states often initially disliked by southerners, Sokoto State becomes appreciated by those serving there. As the seat of the Caliphate and home to the Sultan of Sokoto, the religious leader of Muslims in Nigeria, the state pays its corpers N4,000.

Zamfara State | N3,000:

Situated in northwestern Nigeria, Zamfara State offers a monthly stipend of N3,000 to its youth service corpers.

Overview of NYSC Allowance Paid by all Nigerian States

1. Anambra pays N8,000 to those in town and N8,500 to those in rural areas.

2. Jigawa pays N5,000 (N15,000 for the first 3 months, and then N10,000 every 2 months).

3. Niger pays N0.00

4. Imo pays N0.00

5. Ebonyi stopped paying since May 2019.

6. Nasarawa pays N5,000

7. Akwa Ibom pays N5,000

8. Edo pays N0.00

9. Oyo pays N15,000

10. Kano pays N0.00

11. Rivers pays N0.00

12. Bayelsa pays N6,000 to those serving within the state capital, N8,000 to those outside the capital, and N10,000 to those serving across the water.

13. Abia pays N0.00

14. Benue pays N0.00

15. Plateau pays N0.00

16. Enugu pays N0.00

17. Sokoto pays N45,000 at the end of the service year (accumulation of all months).

18. Ekiti pays N0.00

19. Osun pays N5,000

20. Taraba pays N6,000

21. Ondo pays N0.00

22. Ogun pays N0.00

23. Borno pays N5,000 (But the fear of Boko Haram may not allow you to enjoy it).

24. Delta pays N5,000

25. Gombe pays N0.00

26. Lagos pays N0.00

27. Kaduna pays N0.00

28. Zamfara pays N5,000

29. Cross River pays N0.00

30. Kwara pays N0.00

31. FCT Abuja pays N0.00

32. Kogi pays N0.00

33. Katsina pays N4,000

34. Yobe pays N5,000

35. Kebbi pays N2,000

36. Adamawa pays N0.00

37. Bauchi pays N0.00


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