Top 11 Real Estate Companies in Nigeria

 Securing a favorable deal in property acquisition extends beyond skilled negotiations; familiarity with top-tier contractors is crucial.

In the real estate industry, aspiring owners of luxury or high-rise properties should brace themselves for a substantial budget. Notably, premier real estate firms in Nigeria go beyond mere sales and commissions.

These companies go the extra mile to fulfill all client requirements, ensuring satisfaction extends well beyond the point of property acquisition. Within this article, we delve into a selection of real estate companies that have diligently cultivated their standing through exemplary service delivery.

Top 11 Real Estate Companies in Nigeria

Top 11 Real Estate Companies in Nigeria

Here are the top 11 Real estates companies in Nigeria in no particular order; 

1. Rush Homes and Gardens:

Dedicated to client satisfaction, Rush Homes and Gardens is a customer-centric real estate firm providing an array of services, including estate development, residential property management, building construction, commercial property management, and real estate consultancy. Operating as a subsidiary of Rush Properties and Construction Limited, Rush Homes strategically situates its properties across various locations within Ogun State, Nigeria, prioritizing customer security, comfort, and ensuring total satisfaction in their deliverables.

2. Jide Taiwo & CO (JTC):

Established in 1980, Jide Taiwo & Co stands as a stalwart in the real estate industry, boasting 22 nationwide offices. Recognized among Nigeria's top development firms, they excel in providing comprehensive valuations for individuals and organizations, extending their expertise to assets in the marine, rail, and aviation sectors. Beyond this, the company offers advisory services and facilitates the leasing and selling of properties.

3. Cadwell Limited:

With nearly two decades of experience, Cadwell Limited has solidified its status as one of the country's top real estate entities. Specializing in luxury apartments, homes, and offices, the company caters predominantly to high-profile clients in locales like Ikoyi and Victoria Island. Their focus encompasses property development, marketing, and the sales of real estate products.

4. Primrose Development Company:

Celebrating over 30 years in the industry, Primrose Development Company excels in identifying real estate opportunities, conducting designs, feasibility analyses, and project management. Operating with a team of world-class professionals, they serve high-profile areas such as Ikoyi and Victoria Island. Renowned for their professionalism, the company offers a spectrum of services, including land surveying, design, construction, project management, and facilitating real estate transactions across Nigeria.

5. Primewaterview Limited:

Positioned as a trustworthy real estate agency in Nigeria, Primewaterview Limited focuses its services primarily on the wealthy areas of Lagos, extending its reach to Ogun and Ibadan.

6. Cortts Real Estate and Property Development Companies:

Situated in the Lekki Peninsula of Lagos, Cortts Real Estate and Property Development Company predominantly caters to the Ikoyi and Victoria Island districts. A prominent player in Lagos' real estate industry, the company specializes in property development and consultation services.

7. King's Court Realtors:

King’s Court Realtors is located  in Victoria Island, Lagos, with an international office welcoming foreign investors interested in Nigerian real estate. 

8. Adron Homes and Property: 

Aspiring to be the leading Pan-African real estate development company, Adron Homes and Property stands out as a top choice for middle and low-income earners in Nigeria. Offering promotions, discounts, and flexible payment options, the company boasts properties in key locations like Abuja and Lagos.

9. Fine and Country:

Differentiating itself as a global brand, Fine and Country delivers top-notch real estate services with a world-class team of experts. 

10. Landmark Corporate Realty: 

Ranked among the country's best, Landmark Corporate Realty caters to a diverse clientele, particularly attracting low and middle-income earners with its flexible payment plans. Their services are prominently offered in Abuja and Lagos state.

11. Property Link Real Estate Investment:

Operating as a global real estate powerhouse, Property Link Real Estate Investment is also located in the US, UK, Dubai, and South Africa. Distinguished by an extensive list of satisfied customers and thriving on referrals, they stand as one of Nigeria's largest real estate companies. Beyond real estate, the company extends its expertise to financial and legal services related to real estate transactions.


While the real estate companies outlined in this article provide comparable services, their distinctive approaches to conducting business set them apart. Their sustained relevance and the trust they've garnered from customers stem from their commitment to delivering exceptional service. Whether your objective is property acquisition or seeking expert consultancy in the Nigerian real estate industry, any of the mentioned firms above can be a viable choice.


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