Imo state civil service salary 2024


What is the current salary range for civil servants in Imo State? Recently, the Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma raised the minimum wage to ₦40,000.  Salaries within the Imo State civil service vary based on grades from Level 01 to 17, corresponding to different job responsibilities and tasks. Understanding the salary structure is crucial for those considering to be employed by the Imo state government. Explore the details in this article to gain a comprehensive understanding.

Imo state civil service salary 2024

 Imo State Civil Service Salary Structure

Grade Level 01 – ₦40,000 – ₦57,000

This grade comprises of entry-level civil servants handling basic administrative tasks like office assistance, driving, cleaning, and mail clerking. 

 Grade Level 02 – ₦51,000 – ₦69,500

Civil servants in Grade 02 take on additional responsibilities, including file handling, paperwork, data entry, and customer service. 

Grade Level 03 – ₦62,000 – ₦72,000

Operating independently, Grade 03 civil servants oversee areas like archives, registries, and administrative systems. 

 Grade Level 04 – ₦72,500 – ₦75,000

Working as executive officers, Grade 04 civil servants maintain personnel records, budgets, supplies, and equipment, requiring strong organizational skills. 

Grade Level 05 – ₦75,000 – ₦81,000

Grade 05 include professionals such as accountants, engineers, economists, or public relations officers. 

Grade Level 06 – ₦81,000 – ₦89,500

Senior technical experts and administrators at Grade 06 manage key initiatives and supervise teams. 

 Grade Level 07 – ₦89,500 – ₦94,000

Experienced managers at Grade 07 provide strategic guidance on major government objectives, with a higher salary reflecting their advanced managerial acumen.

Grade Level 08 – ₦94,000 – ₦110,000

Grade 08 civil servants are senior executives overseeing entire directorates, districts, or agencies. 

Grade Level 09 – ₦103,500 – ₦136,000

At Grade 09, civil servants direct major governmental bodies as permanent secretaries or heads of civil service, earning a top-tier salary.

 Grade Level 10 – ₦113,000 – ₦151,500

Above Grade 10 are appointed government positions like commissioners who are in charge of departments and agencies.

Grade Level 12 – ₦117,500 – ₦167,000

This grade comprises of senior appointed officials such as the chairman of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB).

## Grade Level 13 – ₦138,000 – ₦168,500

Grade 13 includes experienced directors-general in charge of State agencies or commissions.

Grade Level 14 – ₦147,500 – ₦193,000

Those at Grade 14 serve in the highest ranks of appointed State positions.

Grade Level 15 – ₦160,000 – ₦207,500

This grade is reserved for top-most senior officials such as the Head of Service.

Grade LEVEL 16 – ₦182,000 – ₦230,000

Above Grade 16 includes top government officials directly appointed by the governor. 

Grade Level 17 – ₦197,500 – ₦260,500

At the apex is Grade 17. This comprises of the State Deputy Governor who oversees key state functions and replaces the governor when required.

VIDEO: Imo State Governor Increases Minimum Wage to N40,000


The 2024 pay structure in Imo State unveils the systematic organization of civil service jobs and corresponding salaries, spanning from entry-level positions to top leadership roles. Lower grade staff focus on daily office tasks and support services, earning lower pay aligned with their skills and responsibilities. On the flip side, higher grades take charge of significant departments, making crucial decisions for the government, and receive greater compensation in recognition of their elevated qualifications, expertise, and authority.

For those aspiring to join the Imo State Civil Service, the key lies in acquiring more qualifications, enhancing your curriculum vitae (CV), and accumulating valuable experience. 

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