Top 10 Worst NYSC Orientation Camps in Nigeria

The National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) is a mandatory 1-year assignment for Nigerian graduates, aimed at involving Nigerian youth in the development of their country. The program’s primary objective remains to promote national unity by deploying graduates across the country to serve in various capacities. 

While some youth corps members have positive and memorable experiences during their service year, others describe it as their most stressful year after graduation. Graduates usually don’t have a choice in selecting their NYSC camp, so we’ve done the research and found the worst NYSC camps in Nigeria. Therefore, you can be informed about what to expect and adequately prepare for the 3-week orientation.

 This article will provide a list of the ten worst NYSC camps in Nigeria. 

Top 10 Worst NYSC Orientation Camps in Nigeria 

Top 10 Worst NYSC Orientation Camps in Nigeria

Below are the top 10 worst NYSC Orientation Camps in Nigeria

10. Adamawa State NYSC Orientation Camp:

Location: Lapondo Road, Damare, Girei LGA, Adamawa State.

Adamawa NYSC orientation camp has earned a reputation as one of the worst NYSC orientation camps due to security concerns. The camp underwent a three-year closure before reopening, and it remains deficient in fundamental facilities, diminishing the overall camping experience for corps members.

9. Sokoto State NYSC Orientation Camp:

Location: Wamakko, Wamakko Local Govt Area, Sokoto State. 

The Sokoto state orientation camp is not exempt from being among Nigeria's worst camps. Resembling a desert, the camp is characterized by extreme dryness and dustiness.

8. Niger State NYSC Orientation Camp:

Location: NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, (Former Abubakar Dada Senior Secondary School), Paiko, Niger State. 

This camp's dire situation has prompted explicit displeasure from the Director-General of the NYSC program. The camp, resembling a desert, falls below basic standards of comfort and hospitality, making it inhospitable even for NYSC employees.

7. Kebbi State NYSC Orientation Camp:

Location: NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Dakingari Local Government Area, Kebbi State. 

The NYSC orientation camp in Kebbi State is one of the worst NYSC camps in Nigeria . The camp lacks the vibes of youth service, posing challenges for those accustomed to Nigeria's larger cities. In other words, Kebbi NYSC orientation camp can be very boring. 

Moreover, the orientation camp is under-equipped, lacking several essential facilities that would enhance the camp experience.

6. Ekiti State NYSC Camp:

Location: Ise-Orun/Emure Local Government Area, Ekiti State. 

The Ekiti state orientation camp falls short of expectations. Lacking basic amenities, the camp fails to provide adequate accommodations for campers. This of course would lead to a bad camping experience for Youth Corpers. 

5. Yobe State NYSC Camp:

Location: NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp Dazigau, KM 5 Potiskum-Kano Road, Nangere Local Government Area, Yobe State. 

Yobe State Orientation Camp ranks among Nigeria’s most dreadful, if not the worst NYSC orientation camps. 

Consistently lacking essential facilities, the camp creates a challenging and unpleasant environment for corps members, depriving them of a pleasant camp experience.

4. Kaduna State NYSC Camp:

Location: NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Kaduna – Abuja Road, Kaduna State. 

The NYSC camp in Kaduna, despite the state's significance as one of Nigeria's key northern states, finds itself among the country's worst NYSC orientation camps. The camp made it in our Top 10 Worst NYSC Camps because of the camp lacks many basic amenities. 

3. Taraba State NYSC Camp:

Location: Along Sibre Airport Road, Jalingo, Taraba State. 

The Taraba State NYSC Camp poses a significant challenge for corps members from the south and east. Adjusting to life in this state becomes a struggle, leading many to either return home or seek re-deployment to a more suitable location. This camp hardly engages in social activities and offers subpar amenities, contributing to a generally miserable camp experience.

2. Benue State NYSC Camp:

Location: Wannune, Tarka Local Government Area, Kilometer 35 Makurdi Gboko Road, Benue State. 

The NYSC orientation camp in Benue state suffers from inadequate infrastructure and falls short of expected standards. Resembling a high school, the camp lacks proper equipment, further diminishing the overall camp experience for corps members.

1. Borno State NYSC Camp:

Location: College of Peace and Disaster Management, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Babbar-Ruga Batsari Road, Katsina, Katsina State. 

The Borno State NYSC Orientation Camp secures its place among Nigeria's Top 10 Worst NYSC Camps, primarily due to the state's insecurity situation. Currently repurposed as an Internal Displaced Persons (IDP) camp, the NYSC camp remains closed. Prior to this, the camp lacked basic amenities. The roads in the camp are completely bare unlike other camps that is tiled.

Summary of the Top 10 Worst NYSC Orientation Camps in Nigeria 

Borno State NYSC Orientation Camp

Benue State NYSC Orientation Camp

Taraba State NYSC Orientation Camp

Kaduna State NYSC Orientation Camp

Yobe State NYSC Orientation Camp

Ekiti State NYSC Orientation Camp

Kebbi State NYSC Orientation Camp

Niger State NYSC Orientation Camp

Sokoto State NYSC Orientation Camp

Adamawa State NYSC Orientation Camp


The Orientation Camps mentioned above are considered the worst NYSC orientation camps in Nigeria. Nevertheless, it is important for Corps members to acknowledge their own role in shaping their experience, regardless of the condition of the camp.

The NYSC program presents a unique chance that should not be underestimated. If you happen to be assigned to any of the camps discussed in this article, strive to maximize your time there.


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